Brie’s Bio

Brie Bio

Hi, I’m Brie Wieselman, Licensed Acupuncturist and specialist in Functional Integrative Medicine. As the director of my own clinic, I see clients at my office in the San Francisco Bay Area, and also consult with patients around the world for I’m also a dancer as well as a personal growth and answer seeker who has used every available tool to satisfy my own curiosity about health and to heal myself, Naturally.

I took on my first patient when I was quite young. Me.

I was fairly ill as a child. As a severe asthma sufferer, I spent most of my days indoors instead of running around with my friends. My little body was pumped full of medications – anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator inhalers, stimulants, synthetic corticosteroids, antibiotics, mucolytics – you name it.

When I was old enough to understand that there were options to the drugs I relied on, I decided to find other solutions. I started by changing my diet. This mostly resolved my asthma. However, due to my lack of education and unsupervised experimentation, it led to long-term harmful side effects that I didn’t understand until much later.

In my late teens, I studied natural health and traditional European herbal medicine and by my 20’s I had further restricted my diet. Still, my health problems got worse. I had irregular periods and bloating, developed adult acne, felt chunky, and fatigued. Yuk! I was anxious and moody, and even had panic attacks! Doctors recommended birth control pills, which made me feel crazy. When all they had left to offer me was anti-depressants, I knew I had to figure this out myself! My quest ultimately shaped my personal diet, health approach, and professional practice.

I considered medical school. But, the Chinese medicine philosophy of restoring the body’s innate healing mechanisms and balancing inter-dependent systems to improve health just made more sense. At Five Branches University, I trained with some of the world’s best practitioners, including renowned herbalist, acupuncturist, and author Michael Tierra, Holly Guzman, OMD, and Kiiko Matsumoto, L.Ac.

Using Chinese herbs, acupuncture, and a diet aimed at my needs, I edged closer to balance. But, the stress of grad school and opening my acupuncture practice, pushed me into insomnia, mild depression, and severe fatigue. I was back to irregular periods, and my acne returned with a vengeance. Herbal formulas and acupuncture helped, but never quite cured me.

Then I discovered Functional Medicine. For a few years I took every class I could, including experts like Dr. Datis Kharrazian and Dr. Jeffrey Bland, and eventually I went to the Institute for Functional Medicine. In 2012, I started studying at the Kalish Institute. Working with Dr. Daniel Kalish, I ran myself through a series of advanced testing and systematic protocols personalized to reprogram my hormonal systems, heal my gut, and fully restore my body’s innate capacity to detox. I looked closer at my diet and began to think of food as medicine that you put on your fork 3-times a day. This new perspective caused me to shift to a more Paleo and ancestral diet.

Ultimately my healing came through a personalized combination of herbs and diet, mostly by stabilizing my blood sugar by eating 1) enough, but not too much, 2) animal protein, and 3) omega 3 fats.  I also used specialized testing to assess and reprogram my adrenal, thyroid, and reproductive hormone levels. Now, I sleep soundly and have regular pain-free periods. My weight has normalized, and I have glowing skin. Best of all, I feel alive, have tons of energy, and am passionate about my life and my work – every day.

These days, I’m a health detective. Rather than focusing on my patient’s symptoms, I treat people using state-of-the art testing combined with detailed understanding of their entire life history and how emotions, mind, genetics, experiences, and lifestyle each play a role in the full health picture. Then, I treat the core causes of people’s physiological, psychological, and spiritual health issues.

I’ve worked with hundreds of people from all over the world – from New Zealand to Iceland, Scotland, Cypress, Manitoba, Spain, and more. And of course I help people all over the US. Many of my patients experience Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Weight Gain, Low Sex Drive, Digestive Disorders, or Headaches. Some of them struggle with a diagnosed disease. I’m honored that I’m able to offer them an alternative to one-size-fits-all medicine.

Fertility challenges make up a large part of my practice. I spent 18 months collaborating with Reproductive Endocrinologists in an IVF clinic. Acupuncture has been shown to increases the success rates of IVF by over 50%. Using my integrated approach, I would prepare women for their course of treatment. Most often I would treat women before their egg transfer on the day of the procedure, and again as they lay resting in the recovery area after the transfer.  I have found that the combination of Functional Medicine with acupuncture is even more potent for enhancing fertilty, especially when used in preparation prior to conception.

Functional Medicine is based on solid scientific research. It uses a logical sequence of therapeutic programs based on the best lab tests available. Personalized evidence-based treatment empowers people to identify and make the changes they need to truly thrive, beyond being symptom free. It’s a place of balance and whole body health, where all of their energy reserves are available to them – Naturally and Safely.