Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Good health should be simple. We apply straightforward solutions to sophisticated health concerns. In our experience, the restoration of balance in the body results in healing, sustained health, and longevity. It’s that simple – really.

Functional and Integrative Medicine, acupuncture, and Chinese herbal medicine, share common core principals. They’re based on the fact that organs function on a continuum of organ reserve from optimal to weak to failure. Think of each organ system as having its own gas tank. When one system runs inefficiently, it draws on the other systems, impacting them as well. Each system affects the others, both negatively and positively. Weak organs affect entire bodily systems, resulting in poor health. Each person is biologically unique. Their body is a web of interconnected, interdependent systems that ‘talk to’ and influence each other and how they function together. And this is happening 24/7/365.

Western allopathic medicine is great at emergency medicine and treating acute issues. It also offers us a comprehensive array of tests and diagnostic tools capable of augmenting traditional Eastern diagnostic methods. It focuses on alleviating symptoms and treating singular conditions. Only recently has it begun to look at preventative health.

I often to tell my patients that Functional Medicine is what you would get if Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine had a baby together. Functional Medicine uses tests that measure specific functions to evaluate how well this web of systems is working together. Rather than prescribing herbs or supplements or drugs to treat symptoms, we diagnose and treat the underlying imbalances (root causes) from which symptoms develop. More importantly, we feel that someone doesn’t need to be sick, broken or in pain before they need treatment.

There’s a Japanese proverb that says, “When you’re thirsty, it’s too late to think about digging a well.” Functional Medicine can, and should be used preventatively. In healthy people, it promotes longevity and vitality. And, it prevents chronic degenerative conditions that are not, contrary to popular belief, a natural part of our aging process!

In my personal quest for good health I worked with every modality that I came across. I studied acupuncture, holistic nutrition, traditional Chinese, European and Ayurvedic herbal medicines, yoga, western pathophysiology, and ultimately Functional Medicine. Each modality contributed to better health and added to my knowledge.

We believe that the future of medicine is in applying the best practices of all of the world’s healing practices. One approach, individualized for each person.


– Brie Wieselman.