Are Worms The Next Frontier of Health? Everything You Need to Know About Helminth Therapy

I talk a LOT about clearing infections and overgrowths  - Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), yeast overgrowth (candida), and of course, killing parasites.   So I was shocked when I [...]

What Working With A Functional Medicine Practitioner Is Really Like (Patient Case Study)

You’ve been to the doctor. He runs some tests and he says nothing’s wrong.   But you know you’re not you right now. Maybe you’re dealing with digestive problems that [...]

Why your Gut Health and Microbiome make-or-break your Hormone Balance

window.addEventListener('LPLeadboxesReady',function(){LPLeadboxes.addDelayedLeadbox('iNrzdUeTJMfvQqYxBmtLQC',{delay:'2s',views:0,dontShowFor:'1d',domain:''});}); Acne worse than puberty, ten pounds that won’t budge, a period-induced mood swing that turns you into a totally different person-- these are sure signs your hormones are out [...]

Acid Reflux and Chronic Urinary Tract Infection; Totally ‘Unrelated’ Symptoms With the Same Root Cause?

One of the principles of Functional Medicine is finding and treating the “root cause.” But sometimes, it isn’t as simple as finding one root cause and getting rid of it. [...]

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