Nanci Miklowski, MEd, ND

Nanci is a naturopathic doctor who loves the challenge and thrill of discovering the root cause of illness. She obtained her degree from the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) and completed a residency at a busy primary care practice in Portland, OR. While in medical school, she completed an internship with Drs. Steven Sandberg-Lewis and Allison Siebecker at the NUNM SIBO Center for Digestive Health.

Nanci is passionate about helping others obtain optimal health which, of course, always starts in the gut. She discovered this herself many years ago. She struggled for years with IBS and fatigue and never got the answer or relief from conventional medicine. It wasn’t until she finally saw a naturopathic doctor when she learned of her food sensitivities, gut infections, and nutritional deficiencies. Actually having an answer, while also obtaining health for the first time since she could remember, was life-changing. This fueled her desire to pursue natural medicine so she too can help others discover the root of their condition(s)!

When she’s not helping clients, Nanci enjoys gardening, hiking, and spending quality time with her loving partner, adorable daughter, and endlessly active pup!

Amanda Mason

Public Health and Nutrition at Indiana University in 2007

Amanda is our Nutrition, Fitness and Lifestyle Coach. She provides the guidance necessary to make sure your diet and lifestyle are supporting your current condition in order to get you the quickest results. She will help you sort through the details of a specific food plan, answer questions and provide food, meal and recipe ideas. She will help you learn how to transition into or out of a specified diet, uncover what foods are best for your body at it’s current state of health, come up with a plan that suits your lifestyle and needs, and provide support in making the journey to feeling better, easier, and less overwhelming.

Amanda obtained her Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology, Public Health and Nutrition at Indiana University in 2007. Post graduation Amanda moved to Chicago where she continued her studies with Muscle Activation Techniques and Resistance Training Specialist programs focusing on body mechanics and individualization of exercise programming, became a certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach through NESTA, ISSA and eCornell Plant Based Nutrition, and gained experience in an array of health fields including exercise physiology, special needs, fitness competition, psychology, patient care at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, brain injury and stroke wellness, and integrative health coaching.

Amanda has experienced her own health struggles with candida, excessive bacterial overgrowth, hormone imbalance and digestive issues which has fueled and even bigger passion for helping others heal from the inside-out. It is her goal to not only support you through educating you on proper nutrition for your health challenges, but to make the journey to your goals easier by empowering you with unique tools and knowledge to support permanent changes internally and externally. It is her integrative approach to health and physique changes that help you progress quicker to your goals.

Her clients have nicknamed her sunshine. She believes fully that a strong body starts with a strong mind. She’s rarely found without her best friend and dog, Coco and she’s an empath at heart. You might call her addicted to nature and she loves all things related to extreme sports, adventuring, travel, and self-improvement.

Clare Kelway, BS DIHOM (UK) FBIH HHP

Clare is a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and UK licensed Homeopath. She is also certified in Biofeedback and BioEnergetic Medicine. Clare led a multi-disciplinary practice in London for ten years before emigrating to the US. In 2017, she trained in Functional Medicine with the Kalish Institute.

A seasoned professional, Clare started her health journey after Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Grave’s Disease ended her career in finance and management consultancy.

Recovering from her own health struggles led Clare to discover her true calling for helping others unearth their journey back to optimal health.  Clare is passionate about helping moms raise healthy kids against the odds. She calls herself a health detective and combines her intuitive nature with her analytical mind to serve her clients.  Motherhood came as a late gift of health recovery to Clare and today she is the proud mom of 3 sons. She lives north of Denver with her husband and sons.

When Clare is not helping clients or cooking for family and friends, she can be found in the Rocky Mountains hiking, skiing or snowshoeing.

Amy Hatfield Love

Office Manager

Amy grew up in Santa Cruz, CA deep in the redwoods. She enjoys spending time with her friends, hula hooping, and biking. She has 2 cats who are the light of her life.

Amy went to UC Santa Cruz and got her BA in Photography, but she quickly realized she was more interested in helping people. She spent many years as a Chiropractic Assistant before she moved on to become a Paralegal and then she worked in television as an Associate Producer.

Having struggled with her own digestive issues, she is now excited to work with Brie and our team to help our patients get the best, most loving care possible!

Dani Brown, PharmD

After her own Whole 30 experience transformed her health, Dani became passionate about the role food can play in keeping people happy and healthy. After attending pharmacy school, Dani was discouraged by the way traditional medicine treated health and illness and sought out a different path in Functional Medicine training. She’s passionate about the individualized, in-depth approach of functional medicine and the way food, lifestyle, and supplement changes can transform a person’s health.
When she’s not working with clients, you’ll find Dani training (or coaching) at her local Crossfit Gym and spending time with her kids, Fisher, Cannon, and Iris, and husband Cody.