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Amelia Luker, RN

 Amelia is a registered nurse working with a very sick population in Utah. Disenchanted with the medical system, Amelia came to functional medicine partly through her own health struggles.

A low fat, traditional standard American diet leads to constant hunger, and initially, Amelia got good results switching to the Atkins diet. I thought this was really interesting because Amelia was never looking to lose weight, in fact, she has always struggled with the opposite.

The ah-ha moment came after discovering saliva hormone testing via Sean Croxton and Dr. Kalish. Amelia was suffering from depressed cortisol and a Giardia gut infection and correcting these issues lead to the health improvements that inspired her to become a certified practitioner.

Jayleen Magill, MBA

Jayleen has an undergraduate in organizational training and a master’s in business. She grew up in the Smith River National Forest and enjoys spending time in the outdoors with her husband and three kids.

Jayleen worked for more than 10 years helping allopathic healthcare systems implement processes that inspired their workforce and supported their patients.

Eventually, she realized she wanted to work in a field that offered hope to patients through a fusion of allopathic and natural medicines. That path led her to a position managing an integrative oncology center for five years, before starting her own business helping health and wellness business owners implement processes that support their patients to ultimate wellness.