Biome FX Stool Kit


Why We’re Unique

Stool testing has become a popular method for evaluating the status of an individuals’ microbiome. The problem is that many of these tests are often lacking in accuracy, reliability, and functionality. BiomeFx not only uses the most advanced and accurate sequencing technology, but it also explores some of the many inner functions of the gut microbiome.

This test will explore the pathogens in your gut as well as the keystone species that are crucial to overall health and the metabolic functions that rely on the gut microbiome.

With these insights, you can then use the actionable nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations as a road map for improving your unique gut microbiome. This is the future of microbiome assessment and analysis.

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Why Functional Analysis?

Most stool tests lack accuracy, reliability, and functionality. Outdated analysis technology and reports with arbitrary bacterial numbers leave patients confused and practitioners tailoring therapeutic interventions around inaccurate results. BiomeFX centers around not only the presence of pathogens, but also diversity, richness, keystone species, and metabolic functions of the gut microbiome. Through these insights, BiomeFx offers actionable nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations to more favorably support the ecology of your microbiome.


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