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Calm Breath Formula redirects rebellious Lung Qi downward during, or following a Wind Heat invasion where there is also underlying Lung Heat, dryness or mild Yin deficiency with Phlegm. It addresses the complex, lingering patterns of rebellious Lung Qi with concurrent Dryness and Phlegm accumulation.

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During or after a Wind Heat invasion, Heat and Dryness can accumulate in the Lungs. Yin deficiency, a drying of fluids and a weakening of Spleen Qi can manifest. There may also be an already underlying constitutional Spleen Qi weakness which will be further aggravated by the exterior invasion. In either case, Dampness accumulates due to the weakened Spleen Qi, causing further Phlegm accumulation in the Lungs.

In this pattern, the Lungs need to be cooled, moistened, while simultaneously drained of Phlegm. This formula is ideal for addressing the complex pattern present during or following a Wind Heat invasion with existing underlying mild Lung Heat, dryness or mild Yin deficiency with Phlegm accumulation.

The combination of Platycodon root, Sichuan fritillary bulb and Perilla fruit provide a strong foundation to this formula. Platycodon root reinforces the descending and dispersing function of the Lung Qi, while simultaneously draining Phlegm. Sichuan fritillary bulb clears Heat and transforms Phlegm, specifically where there is Lung Yin deficiency with Heat. Perilla fruit redirects rebellious Lung Qi downward and transforms Phlegm. Red tangerine peel and Apricot seed assist further in redirecting the rebellious Lung Qi downward.

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