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Warm rekindles fire at the gate of vitality by warming the kidneys, driving out dampness, and fortifying Jing. Warm is clinically useful for patients with Yang deficiency, low BBT or a shortened luteal phase. Warm supports healthy progesterone function, which vascularizes and stabilizes the uterine lining supporting embryo implantation.

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NOTE: 8oz and 16oz bottled versions of this formula contain the ingredient Aconite (Fu Zi) at approximately 0.0224g/ml. If you would rather have a Fu Zi-free version, please order in the 2oz size!

Proprietary Extract Blend (2,000mg/Serving): Cured Rehmannia Root, Dong Quai Root, Cinnamon Bark and Stem, Chinese Peony Root, Asiatic Dogwood Fruit, Chinese Yam Rhizome, Lycium Fruit, Chinese Dodder Seed, Sichuan Teasel Root, Desert Broomrape Stem, Fu Ling Poria Sclerotium, Epimedium Aerial Parts, Asian Water Plantain Rhizome, Cervus spp. Antler, Aconite. Other Ingredients: Water, Cane Alcohol, Glycerin.

Rou Gui, Shu Di Huang, Shan Zhu Yu, Shan Yao, Fu Ling, Ze Xie, Bai Shao, Dang Gui, Tu Si Zi, Xu Duan, Rou Cong Rong, Lu Rong, Gui Zhi, Gou Qi Zi, Yin Yang Huo, Fu Zi

Cycle Phase: Luteal


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