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Yue Ju Wan Herbal Supplement

Therapeutic Actions

1. Use for fullness of the abdomen and chest, belching, vomiting, acid regurgitation and indigestion
2. Addresses peptic ulcers, gastritis, cholecystitis, intercostal neuralgia
3. May be used for stress and anxiety

Chinese Therapeutic Effects

Circulates Qi, blood                                               Dries dampness
Clears heat                                                               Reduces food stagnation


Internal: 2 to 3 tablets TID, between meals
90 tablets, 750mg, 15 day supply



Red Atractylodes rhizome
cang zhu
Cyperus rhizome
xiang fu
Barley Shen Qu
shen qu
Ligusticum root
chuan xiong
Gardenia fruit
zhi zi


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Formula Rationale

Escape Restraint (Yue Ju Wan) is a traditional formula recommended by Zhu Dan Xi, the great
Chinese herbalist from the Jin Yuan Dynasties (1281–1358 AD). It is used for a stifling sensation
in the chest and abdomen, hypochondria pain, acid regurgitation, indigestion, peptic ulcers. It
clears Qi stagnation, blood stasis, dampness, food stagnation, and heat.

Escape Restraint belongs to the category of formulas that regulate Qi. Cyperus (xiang fu) circulates
Qi, ligusticum (chuan xiong) resolves pain by circulating blood. Red atractylodes (cang zhu) dries
dampness and transforms phlegm. It works with cyperus to improve the function of spleen and
stomach. Gardenia (zhi zi) clears heat from three burners and thereby reduces acid regurgitation.
Shen qu (shen qu) reduces food stagnation and harmonizes the stomach.

Additional Formulas

• To strongly move Qi, consider Shu Gan
• For food stagnation, consider Quiet Digestion
• General stress protocol, see Calm Spirit, Ease 2 or Ease Plus

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