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Fire Fighter dispels Heat, Damp Heat and accumulations (Du) from the Blood, activates the liver and bowels, expels Adverse (Xie) Qi from the body’s exterior and helps promote healthy circulation and distribution of Blood and Moisture in the skin and mucus membranes.

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The skin is not an efficient organ of elimination, which is why normal metabolic wastes and other types of physiological by-products may accumulate in the Blood and reveal their presence in occasional changes in the color, texture and moisture of the skin as well as the mucus membranes that line the mouth, throat, gut and upper respiratory organs.

It is fairly common for children to manifest transient changes in the appearance of the skin as they develop and adapt to changes in their food, clothing, hygiene and their external environment. When normal developmental processes, including expected hormonal changes, present a challenge to the growing child, the normal functions of discharge via the bladder and colon can become taxed, resulting in the skin pinch-hitting as a secondary organ of elimination.

From the Chinese Herbology point of view, when Heat or accumulations (Du) are not properly discharged, they will generate congestion in the Blood. As a critical mass is reached, the body may try to store this excess matter in the Blood and tissue, or it may try to expel these accumulations through the skin and mucus membranes if they cannot be effectively discharged (purged) via the normal routes of elimination.

Fire Fighter is a broadly focused formula that supports and promotes healthy elimination, normal moisture and circulation, in the external and internal membranes (skins) that protect the body and the internal organs. Fire Fighter relieves a wide range of skin disharmonies, such as occasional rashes, insect bites or occasional red, irritated or dry skin.

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