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Provides the male preconception essentials for healthy sperm motility, count, structure, and function, and then it kicks it into overdrive with fermented CoQ10, KSM-66 Ashwagandha®, Primavae® Shilajit, Nutri PQQ®, D-aspartic Acid, NAC, and a delicious superfood blend backed with antioxidants.*

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Benefits: Supports healthy progressive sperm motility. Supports healthy sperm production and count. Supports normal sperm morphology. Supports sperm DNA integrity. Supports healthy free and total testosterone levels.


Supplement Facts

180 Count Bottle | 30 Day Supply | 6 Capsules per Serving
Vegetarian Capsules

When to Take it: Spermatogenesis (or sperm development) surprisingly takes about 70-90 days from start to the time in which they are fully matured and can be ejaculated. It’s therefore recommended to take the Male Preconception+ for 70+ days to see full effects and taken until desired results are achieved. If that is not possible given your timeline, take for a minimum of 30 days.*

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