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Open Air is a variation of the famous Perilla Seed Decoction (Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang) that uses Perilla fruit as the leading ingredient for dispersing and descending stagnant Lung Qi.

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Perilla fruit is joined by herbs that ventilate the Lung and descend the Qi, dispel Phlegm, replenish Moisture and support the Spleen and Kidneys. Unlike Ephedra (Ma Huang), the foremost Lung opening and venting agent in the Chinese Materia Medica, Perilla fruit is gentler and safer, not causing strain on the heart or nervous system.

The physical environment for babies and young children can both nurture and challenge the physiological competence of the organism during the early years of development. Even a healthy respiratory system can become vulnerable to an array of physical, chemical and biological stressors, including air pollutants, weather changes, microorganisms and allergens such as dust, pollen, mold, animal dander and house dust. Stressors may also include toxins such as second-hand cigarette smoke, insecticides, pesticides, or household cleaning agents and chemical off-gassing from building materials or carpeting.

Obstruction of Lung Qi can manifest as an occasional restriction of the chest, causing insufficiency of Qi and Essence and weakening the body’s defenses.

Obstructed Lung Qi is generally differentiated into two patterns:

1. Excess type, due to a stagnation and/or reflux of Lung Qi.
2. Deficiency type, due to a depletion of Qi in the Kidneys and Spleen.

Occasional coughing is almost always a manifestation of stagnant Qi that has been trapped in the chest and is unable to descend. What causes the Qi to become stuck may be occasional Phlegm, dryness, cold or hot air, wind, physical strain and fatigue, emotional upset or exposure to environmental agents (external invasions).


Supplement Facts

Ingredients: Perilla seed, Schisandra fruit, Platycodon root, Apricot seed, Lepidium seed, Anemarrhena rhizome, Purple aster root (honey fried), Stemona root (honey fried), White mulberry bark, Tangerine dried rind of mature fruit, Chinese amomum fruit, Chinese licorice root, Zi su zi, Wu wei zi, Jie geng, Xing ren (bei), Ting li zi, Zhi mu, Zhi zi wan, Zhi bai bu, Sang bai pi, Chen pi, Sha ren, Gan cao

Water 48% to 54%
Vegetable Glycerin 24% to 26%
Alcohol 10% to 12% by volume

Suggested Use: To evaporate alcohol, place in hot water. Use only as directed by your health care provider.

Recommended Dosage

2-3 times daily:
0 to 4 years 15-30 drops
4 to 8 years 30-45 drops
8 to 12 years 45-60 drops
12 years to adult 60-90 drops
30-35 drops = ½ dropperful
Shake well before every use.

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