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Pipe Cleaner dispels Phlegm, clears Heat, astringes and moistens the Lung, removes obstructions from the channels, relaxes the chest and regulates Lung Qi, while nourishing the Kidneys and strengthening the Lower Burner, thereby supporting healthy respiratory function.

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Children often have difficulty eliminating mucus that accumulates. Pipe Cleaner helps ease this process and supports normal respiratory function and healthy expectoration.

Based on a modern Chinese recipe called Yin Hua Wu Mei Tang, formulated by Professor Liu Bichen, Pipe Cleaner contains five core ingredients not usually found in traditional formulas for Lung Qi stagnation: Mume fruit, Fluorite, Gambir stem branch and twig, Earthworm and Honeysuckle flower. These together contribute potent Heat-clearing and Qi-regulating properties to the formulation.

Liu explains that regardless of the etiology, Yin Hua Wu Mei Tang addresses the pattern of obstruction and attrition, the accumulation and entanglement of Phlegm and Heat, the invasion of external Wind, Heat and Cold, all of which block the natural downward movement of Lung Qi, dry up the Yin (Moisture and Blood) and, when prolonged, deplete the Qi and Essence of the Lung and Kidneys.

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