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Normal healthy menstrual flow is important for all menstruating women. This formula utilizes time honored herbs and research-based ingredients to promote normal menstrual flow.*

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Featured Ingredients:

• Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids have shown in research to support normal healthy menstrual flow*
• Vitamin K promotes healthy clotting and in this way can support healthy menses*
• Traditional herbs in support of a normal menstrual flow include Yarrow flower, Cranesbill root and Shepherd’s purse herb*
• Ginger is an important and well-rounded tonic herb supportive for healthy menstrual flow and uterine tone*


Promotes healthy and normal menstrual flow with the use of herbs that support tone in the uterus. Research also indicates certain nutrients to maintain a healthy menses.*


Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 3 capsules
Servings per Container: 20

Ingredients: Vitamin A (As Retinyl Palmitate) 5‚000 IU, Vitamin C (As Calcium Ascorbate‚ Buffered) 500mg, Vitamin K1 (As Phytonadione) 150mcg, Calcium (As Ascorbate) 55mg, Bioflavonoids (From Citrus) 500mg, Ginger Rhizome ~ Zingiber officinale 375mg, Yarrow Flower Aerial Parts ~ Achillea millefolium 300mg, Shepherd’s Purse Aerial Parts ~ Capsella bursa-pastoris 200mg, Cranesbill Root ~ Geranium maculatum 200mg, Life Root Aerial Parts Extract (4:1) ~ Senecio aureus 150mg

Other Ingredients: Vegetarian capsule (HPMC‚ water).

This product contains no: Preservatives‚ binders‚ artificial colorings or flavorings‚ lactose‚ salt‚ wheat‚ gluten‚ soybeans‚ milk derivatives‚ eggs‚ peanuts‚ tree nuts‚ fish or shellfish.

Vegan / Vegetarian.

Suggested use: For short-term management, 3 capsules as needed every 3-4 hours, during menses; 1 capsule daily may be taken long-term.

Warnings: Slow Flow contains Vitamin K which interferes with the prescription pharmaceuticals Coumadin and Warfarin. Do not take Slow Flow if taking either of these pharmaceuticals, if pregnant or nursing.

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