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Tummy Tamer is beneficial in helping to relieve occasional minor disturbances of the digestive system by dispersing stagnant Qi, draining Dampness and eliminating food accumulation.

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The early life of the child is dominated by the activity of growth. The Middle Burner regulates the function of the Spleen and Stomach that is responsible for the nourishment that feeds the growing process. As the child matures, the vigor and capacity of the Lung, Heart, Kidney and Liver Networks will critically depend upon the Qi generated by the Spleen and Stomach.

Not only is the gut responsible for the rapid assimilation of nutrients, but many important immunological mechanisms are also mediated via interactions across the membrane of the intestines. And, because the Qi of the Stomach is so active in the early years, and because the organs are so sensitive, it is easy for the smooth peristaltic movement of the gut to become disturbed, resulting in temporarily irregular passage of food through the digestive tract.

Tummy Tamer is based upon the 14th century formula Bao He Wan. Whereas Grow and Thrive is a nutritive tonic, Tummy Tamer is a formula for supporting the functions of the digestive system. Whereas Grow and Thrive is more tonifying and consolidating, supporting the capacity of the Spleen to generate the post-natal Qi so important for growth and development, Tummy Tamer is more activating and dispersing, supporting the ability of the stomach and intestines to move food and waste through the gut in a smooth and rhythmic fashion.

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