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Are you weakened by a compromised immune system? Do you need additional nutritional supplementation in your diet‚ whether it’s because of your age or being a high-performance athlete? Designs for Health’s Whey Cool Powder was made for you.

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This unique whey protein powder provides one of the highest nutrient levels available. The filtration and drying methods used to manufacture this powder are kept to a minimum‚ in order to allow for the preservation of the original proteins. In other powdered protein supplements‚ high heat may have been used; this can contribute to intolerance‚ even if you have no history of milk allergies. This powdered drink also contains a complete amino acid component; a deficiency of essential amino acids can lead to uncomfortable symptoms such as nervousness‚ exhaustion‚ and dizziness.

Some of the ingredients in Whey Cool Plain Flavor Powder® contains are:

Protein from proserum whey)—Proserum whey contains immune and protein components that are naturally present in raw milk from cattle that are grass-fed on pesticide- and chemical-free pastures. This is one of the best whey proteins available on the market.

Calcium—Calcium is important for your heart‚ muscle function‚ bone strength‚ and nerve transmission; it’s even more essential as you get older.

Phosphorus—Phosphorus is a mineral that your body needs in order to utilize carbohydrates and fats. If your immune system is compromised‚ this mineral is crucial for the growth‚ maintenance‚ and repair of your cells and tissues.

Potassium—Potassium is a very important mineral that supports the functioning of your cells‚ tissues‚ and organs. It supports the functioning of your heart‚ musculature‚ and digestive system.

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