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Dispels invasion of Wind Heat and Wind Cold, dispels congealed Moisture (Phlegm), clears invasion from superficial body layers, descends Lung Qi, supplements Moisture (Jin Y) and harmonizes Stomach Qi.

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Upper Burner disharmonies in children are indicative of Wind invasion. External Wind agitates Qi and Moisture, ushering in a panoply of discomforts. Because of the natural reactivity of infants and small children, rebellion is often the motif of their afflictions: the damp, warm Qi of the Stomach, Intestines and Gallbladder easily revolts upward, obstructing the descent of Heart and Lung Qi (Zong Qi) from the head and chest. As a result, profuse Heat and Phlegm are generated quickly.

Although the Defensive Qi (Wei) of youngsters is fragile, it is extremely vigorous, manifesting as the sudden appearance of distress and rapid fluctuation in otherwise normal functions and behaviors. Windbreaker deftly address these dramatic, but superficial and usually transient imbalances.

This formula can also be used preventively, offering protection from exposure to invasions or the weather, and a bulwark against lowered resistance following excessive mental or emotional stimulation. The goal is to quickly eliminate the primary evils (Xie Qi) of Wind and Heat.

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