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Treats colds, flu, and sore throat. It is particularly effective during or prior to the early stages when fevers, headache, cough and sore throat are present. There may be slight chills or no chills present with difficulty in sweating. The patient may also have body aches with sore shoulders, stiff neck and swollen lymph nodes. Treats skin itching due to wind-heat, including allergic skin reactions such as hives

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Yin Chao Jin is based on the classic formula Yin Qiao San. The herbs lonicera (jin yin hua), forsythia (lian qiao), and arctium (niu bang zi) clear heat and fire toxin. Lonicera (jin yin hua), mentha (bo he), and schizonepeta (jing jie) clear wind. Isatis root and leaf extract (ban lan gen and da qing ye) have been added to accentuate this activity in relieving pathogenic factors that cause sore throat. Platycodon (jie geng) soothes the throat and disperses congestion in the lungs.

Clinical Notes

1. This formula is very effective at eradicating colds, flu, sore throats, and upper respiratory infections. Fever may or may not be present. The formula may be used in cases of common cold, flu, acute cases of pneumonia, bronchitis, pharyngitis, parotitis, otitis media, measles, and tonsillitis. It is effective for cases involving wind heat

2. The practitioner must use discretion as to when to refer cases that do not resolve and which may involve streptococcus or other organisms that respond to antibiotics

3. See Health Concerns Newsletters: Vol. 3 No. 1b The History & Treatment of the Common Cold (Victor); Vol. 8 No. 2 Herbal Cold and Flu Relief (Gaeddert); Vol. 9 No. 4 Cold Away: A Remarkable New Formula for Colds & Flu (Cohen)

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