Are you a Certified Functional Medicine-focused Health Coach? Then you need to see this!

I will be expanding my practice, and am looking to hire a Certified Health Coach to help our clients know their role as an equal partner, and to be their ally in the process of change. I’ll be accepting applications until June 19th.

The certified health coach in clinical practice is the first point of contact in the patient experience, setting the tone for their journey. Our clinic’s focus is digestive and hormonal balance and is 100% telemedicine, therefore, this position is completely remote.

The Health Coach’s role of welcoming new patients, onboarding patients to technology platforms, and driving the first encounter to prepare patients for the functional medicine process and partnership; plus offering on-going coaching to provide accountability as patients move through their change process is a synergistic complement to the provider’s medical expertise.

The role maximizes the coach’s skill set to benefit the provider, patient, and practice. The three Ps are somewhat independent, running on their own track. The Health Coach also serves as the best professional to identify and correct any broken link in the patient’s interactions with both the front and back-office systems.

A seamless patient journey, that minimizes overwhelm and patients falling through the cracks will optimize clinical outcomes, increase word of mouth referrals, therefore, enhancing the practice’s bottom line.

Functional Medicine is a process and a partnership. The Health Coach is responsible for assisting the patient to know their role as an equal partner and to be the patient’s ally in the change process.


Estimated 6-20/hours a week. Hours will grow organically as more patients utilize ongoing coaching, beyond the clinical onboarding.

Health Coach uses Harvest Time Tracking -google extension, and submits invoice to practice bi-monthly. The clinical coordinator position is a 1099 independent contractor.


  • Clinical Coordinators need to possess the following skills, knowledge, and attributes to be effective and succeed on the job.
  • Proficient collecting and telling back the patient’s story, using Active Listening skills.
  • Has excellent communication skills and the ability to address customer’s needs and concerns in an empathic and impactful way. You have patience, and the ability to intently listen. Experience in online customer support is not necessary, but would be a bonus.
  • Understands our community. Maybe you, or someone you know, has dealt with health challenges. You have empathy for the sick and a passion for helping others.
  • Must have strong computer skills to navigate, use, and integrate cloud-based software platforms. (Must be proficient in using or learning online tools such as Google Docs, Acuity, IntakeQ, and Zoom).
  • Must have knowledge of Functional Medicine principles yet have the ability to take a high-level concept and distill it down into a way patients can understand and connect meaning to their unique and current circumstances.
  • Must possess strong interpersonal communication skills and an encouraging attitude.
  • Must possess strong organizational, system infrastructure skills.
  • Must be passionate about working as part of a team.
  • Must have a strong understanding of diets relative to digestive/food intolerance issues (such as low FODMAP, candida, histamine, Specific Carbohydrate Diet, etc).
  • Is committed to ongoing learning.
  • Lives in the United States.

Health Coaching Responsibilities:

  • Front Line of Care Responsibilities + Charting
  • 30-minute new patient Follow-up coaching session after the provider’s new patient appointment.
  • Patient will pay and schedule ongoing coaching sessions, via the practice.
  • Communicate with practitioners about ongoing patient progress and care at weekly clinical rounds.

Coach’s LLC Responsibilities:

  • Provide proof of insurance.
  • Coach and Provider case study reviews. Patients flagged for ongoing coaching.
  • Responsible for communicating with patients and selling single coaching sessions to assist patients in the change process and keep them activated in the partnership.
  • May have the option of contributing content related to supporting patients through the change-process, for use in newsletter and direct to the patient population, as a form of internal marketing.
  • Flag patients who are excellent coaching candidates for provider. Independently, coach follows-up with patients who are good candidates for coaching, to offer ongoing coaching sessions.