How to become a patient


Review the information on the “Work with Us“. This will give you a general idea of Brie’s approach and philosophies to see if we are a good fit.

It will also answer many of the questions that you may have about working with us.



Schedule your free 15-minute interview with the health coach to become a patient at my clinic.



After your call with our coach, you’ll be invited to schedule with Brie, Nanci, or Clare for your Initial Comprehensive Case Review appointment.



What People Are Saying

Brie has been a godsend. My gut function has improved dramatically and various other “lesser” symptoms, such as anxiety and poor sleep quality, have been resolved.

Michael G.

Using specific testing, Brie identified a dangerous parasite in Anna’s gut. Through treatment and intelligent guidance from Brie, Anna was able to clear the parasite and reclaim her health. 

Anna M.

Ashley was suffering from terrible anxiety. With kindness and a customized treatment plan, Brie made sure Ashley felt comfortable. Now with anxiety gone, Ashley feels like her old self again.

Ashley V.

Client Testimonials

5 Stars

I started feeling a lot better after just a few days on Brie’s suggested protocol. I’m very grateful and excited to see how much better I can feel in the future!


Brie is approachable, sensitive and knowledgeable. I’ve enjoyed working with her and look forward to our continued sessions.


Working with Brie and her team has been like a breath of fresh air after many years of feeling suffocated and invisible in the western healthcare system. I finally feel like someone can see the whole comprehensive picture and really cares about helping me find and heal the root causes and not just slap a flimsy band-aid on the symptoms! I am so grateful!


Brie helped me find natural solutions for my GI problems that really work. I had been through many doctors, and had been given lots of antibiotics which just worsened my health, and conditions. I am now on the mend, and feel great.


Brie takes time to carefully review the health history which is key to figuring out the root cause of chronic illness. Her knowledge of endocrinology and functional medicine is incredible. She is professional, caring, attentive to detail. She lays out the treatment plan and recommendations in detail and there are no surprises! I love working with Brie.