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Official Bio

Brie Wieselman, LAc, MTCM is a licensed primary care provider and the medical director of Brie Wieselman Integrative Health, our virtual clinic of integrative practitioners.


For the past 14 years, she and her team have coached thousands of clients living anywhere from Dubai to California, from Mozambique to Japan, empowering them with a personalized map for understanding and transforming their health. Besides being an expert in hormone balance and fertility optimization, she specializes in helping people heal digestive problems such as IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, parasitic infections, Candida overgrowth, and SIBO to rebuild a bulletproof microbiome.


Prior to founding the clinic, she spent several years specializing in the integrative treatment of infertility and sub-fertility at several IVF centers and fertility practices in the San Francisco Bay Area (Nurture Acupuncture, Reproductive Science Center of the Bay area, Thrive Acupuncture), and also in a local clinic specializing in the Integrative treatment of Hepatitis C.


Brie enjoys teaching and speaking, and regularly appears on various podcasts, summits, live events and documentaries as an expert on the topics of women’s health and digestive wellness. Her post-medical-degree¬†education in Functional Medicine has been primarily through The Kalish Institute and The Institute for Functional Medicine, although she keeps up-to-date with the latest discoveries and innovations by attending various continuing education seminars with some of the brightest minds in Functional Medicine.

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