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Our Clients’ Success Stories Speak For Themselves!

Anna M.

Like most of us, Anna was a healthy young girl and took her health for granted. As a teenager, she had mild acne and started taking medication to manage it. This lead to issues in her digestion. Her doctor diagnosed her with IBS with no further conversation on how it happened or what to do about it. With no help, she moved to England to start a new life with her husband. Her digestive issues continued and the acne returned. As a new wife, this made her self-conscious and not interested in intimacy. She was in a dark place. This prompted her to get real help. By reaching out to Brie, she was able to get testing, even in the UK that found a dangerous parasite that was never found in her traditional treatment. This condition required strong medication. It was a huge problem getting the medication to her, but eventually, she was able to complete treatment and with the intelligent and caring support from Brie, she was able to get rid of the parasite and reclaim her health. With her amazing experience and transformation led by Brie, she is now working closely with her to bring empowerment and support to other women

Michael G.

“After years of placing a low priority on sleep, eating the Standard American Diet (SAD), and living the typical American lifestyle, I developed gut issues that culminated in a diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis. Of course, the gut symptoms were terrible, but my entire body wasn’t functioning properly. I was literally fired a week after getting diagnosed, adding to the stress levels. However, with my freed up schedule, I started researching gut health and discovered the SCD diet. One thing led to another and I decided functional medicine was my best bet. Brie takes a rational “whole body” approach instead of looking at the body as the sum of independent systems and develops protocols that are right for the individual. If you’re dealing with any gut issues, I would highly recommend you give Brie a shot!”

Tawnee P.

“I found Brie at just the right time because within a month or so we discovered that I was also suffering from autoimmunity, and she was just the practitioner I needed to get all these issues under control and into remission in a holistic way, without resorting to a lifetime of meds or living in pain. I needed her a lot during this time, and she was always available with appointments and quick to followup with health plans, not leaving me waiting. In addition to giving me detailed health plans, she also was always superb at making me feel better emotionally through tough times and giving me a boost in confidence, making me believe I could achieve anything in my health journey! With Brie’s guidance and my own hard work putting her amazing health plans in to action, within months my gut was a million times better, my HPA axis had improved greatly (hormones and adrenals), and best of all signs of my autoimmunity were gone. I was feeling the best I had in years and it wasn’t a fluke this time, it was the real deal. No setbacks. I greatly respected her professional yet super friendly approach.”

Ashley V.

While in her 20’s Ashley started to get debilitating anxiety and digestive concerns that became a problem in her daily life. This was supposed to be the happiest time of her life, she was planning a wedding, had finished her master’s degree and was starting a new job. Unfortunately, the stress from all of her life changes had really caught up with her, seeking help she went to the doctor, who gave her powerful medications after a 5 min conversation. The medication didn’t even help and the doctor was useless. She was unwilling to accept the fate allowing anxiety to dictate her life. A local naturopath was able to help Ashley get her feet under her, but it was not leading to any sustained results. A referral led her to Brie Wieselman. Brie was detailed, intelligent and supportive, despite living hundreds of miles away. Brie ordered blood, saliva and stool testing and decisions were made on actual information and data. With a protocol design made, Ashley still felt overwhelmed by the treatment. But, with Brie’s support, Ashley implemented the recommendations efficiently. Doing presentations at work, getting on an airplane and living an inspired life with her husband, Ashley is BACK!

Kristin W.

Oblivious to her health concerns, Kristin White lived a traditional life as a child. She had rounds of antibiotics, not the best diet and accutane for acne. She developed digestive issues with nausea and a period that brought bloating and cramping. She thought this was normal. Her family tried to help by modifying her diet and taking her to doctors that ended up not being helpful at all. When starting college she had times during the day when she had to run to the bathroom to prevent a disaster. Finishing school and starting a career that took her abroad made the digestive issues even worse. Her brother was the one that finally made her realize that these symptoms were not normal and got her to change her diet. It help some, but not much. She started working with a practitioner that ran some testing and found a severe case of SIBO. After regressing some, she transitioned to working with Brie due to her extensive history and success in working with GI and hormonal issues. Extensive hormonal testing revealed how and when her body was making hormones and gave a clear picture of how & when to treat her symptoms.