As a Functional Gut Health and Hormone Specialist, I’m always learning. There are new studies being released almost daily, and what we know is constantly changing. So a huge part of my job is keeping abreast of the latest developments in functional medicine.

I decided to put together this blog post with some of the most interesting research available to us. “The more you know”, and all that!

June 2021:

BPA and Crohn’s Disease: Evaluating the relationship between endocrine disruptors and Crohn’s Disease

July 2021:

Black Seed and DHT: Animal studies show that Black Seed might have the potential to block DHT

Reishi Mushroom and Testosterone: Study found that reishi mushrooms reduced 5-alpha reductase levels, thus preventing the conversion of testosterone into DHT

August 2021:

The Chinese herbal formula Huoxiang Zhengqi for diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome (CHAIRS): a study protocol for a double-blinded randomized controlled trial: This study is on a common Chinese herbal formula that has been used for hundreds of years, for nausea, symptoms of food poisoning/travelers diarrhea, and for IBS-D. This trial aims to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of HXZQ for IBS-D, which is expected to be an effective IBS-D treatment.

September 2021:

Breastfeeding and COVID-19: From Nutrition to Immunity: The accumulated body of knowledge regarding the role of breast milk in the development of the neonatal immune system and protection against infection by other respiratory viruses is discussed, with a focus on the anti-inflammatory role of the antibodies, microbes, and viruses provided to the infant in breast milk and its relevance to the case of SARS-CoV-2.

Additional Reading:

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