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Brie Wieselman

Welcome fellow practitioners!

Running a business is no joke. Helping your clients and patients heal and feel better, also not easy!

I’ve spent the last 18 years working on building a business that helps my clients find true health, and also makes sense for me. I’ve had a thousand questions along the way (and still do), have learned so much, made my share of mistakes, and slightly wish I had someone to tell me what to do earlier on (don’t we all?).

If you are interested in…

  • Additional insight into building a better practice
  • More resources on truly helping your clients heal
  • Case studies
  • Best practices both clinically and for your business
  • Just need some camaraderie for this hard work

I am working on building out additional resources that will help you with the above and will also be offering one-on-one consulting in the near future.

You are not committing to anything by joining except hopefully getting your hands on some things that will make your life a little easier. Maybe a few less mistakes? Yes please!

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