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Belly Binder is a variation of Tummy Tamer with an emphasis on astringing Moisture and dispelling External and Internal Wind, Cold, Summer Heat, Dampness and Damp Heat, as well as eliminating food stagnation. It may be the perfect gentle solution for supporting healthy intestinal function.

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When occasional loose bowel movements occur, it is important to quiet the stomach and intestines so as not to cause an opposite reaction. Belly Binder can help support intestinal activity so as not to produce constipation. Occasional diarrhea may result from a number of causes including Food Accumulation, too much raw or cold food, and as a normal reaction to stress. Depletion of Qi and Blood, Yin and Yang, particularly of the Spleen and Stomach, can lead to overall deficiency. In this instance it is probably wiser to use tonifying formulas such as Grow and Thrive or Strengthen Spleen.

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