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Black Cohosh can be used to support health and well-being before, during and after menopause.* It acts as a tonifier and relieves mild mood changes, cramps, and supports a normal, healthy attitude during PMS.* It also has been shown to alleviate hot flashes and support a normal, healthy attitude during menopause.*

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Recent research suggests that Black Cohosh does not have phytoestrogenic properties, but instead acts as a partial serotonin receptor agonist to promote healthy serotonin levels.*


Helps alleviate hot flashes*
Relieves common discomforts associated with PMS*
Supports well-being*
Free of coatings, binders, gluten (wheat, rye, barley), milk/dairy (casein, whey), soy protein, egg protein, sugar.
Packaging and labels may vary slightly

Units / Size: 60 vegetarian capsules

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