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Clear Air combines herbs that ventilate the lung with those that dispel phlegm and stop cough in order to cleanse the lungs of accumulated contaminants from bacteria, virus, smoking, or air pollution.

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Clear Air is based on the traditional formula Ding Chuan Tang. Aster (zi wan) and morus bark (sang bai pi) are expectorants. Perilla fruit (su zi), apricot seed (xing ren), scute (huang qin), trichosanthes root (tian hua fen), and belamcanda (she gan) stop coughing and wheezing. Schizandra (wu wei zi) treats cough and asthma. Fritillaria (zhe bei mu) and pinellia (ban xia) eliminate phlegm. Licorice (gan cao) has detoxifying properties.

Clinical Notes

1. Useful in stop-smoking programs, and preventive programs for heart disease, cancer, and emphysema

2. Reduces chances of lung infections or other disorders related to retention of contaminants in the lungs

3. Use for chronic conditions

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