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Treats PMS, irregular menstruation, breast distension and tenderness, abdominal bloating, constipation, headaches, sweet cravings, acne, emotional lability, depression, dysmenorrhea and spotting. Treats liver qi stagnation in men.

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Heavenly Water is a complex formula designed for the complex needs of American women, who suffer from the effects of stress, lack of exercise, and high fat diets. The formula includes Western herbs known to regulate the menstrual period, including gotu kola as a substitute for bupleurum (chai hu). Chaste tree berries are widely used in Europe for hormonal irregularities. Heavenly Water is useful for treating PMS when various signs appear, breast pain, and headache; chronic digestive difficulties; facial acne. The formula also tonifies lung yin and clears lung heat to control rising liver energy.

Clinical Notes

1. Woman’s Balance is more heat clearing. Heavenly Water is more tonifying.

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