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Enhances immune function. Contains herbs that may have anti-tumor effect according to Chinese and Japanese research. Boosts energy. Useful for autoimmune disorders, such as MS or lupus. Useful for prolonged colds and flu, asthma. Can be used as an adjunct to chemo and radiotherapy.

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Power Mushrooms is a combination of four mushrooms known to have immune system regulating functions. Health Concerns uses wild red ganoderma, which is stronger than the more common black cultured ganoderma or mushroom mycelia. Studies on red ganoderma (ling zhi) have shown it to regulate immune function and coronary and cerebral blood flow, reduce blood lipid levels, protect the liver from toxic chemical damage, and treat liver disease. In Japan, ganoderma extracts are used to treat cancer and myasthenia gravis, where the immune system attacks peripheral nerves. Polyporus (zhu ling), a relative of maiitake, is used in China as an anti-inflammatory in kidney diseases and as a source of tumor-inhibiting polysaccharides. Tremella (bai mu er) contains tumor and ulcer inhibiting polysaccharides. Poria (fu ling) is a digestive aid and mild sedative. Taken together, the mushrooms in this formula act as an effective Qi tonic.

Clinical Notes

1. The mushrooms in Power Mushrooms do not cause problems in conditions attributed to candida

2. Power Mushrooms can be used with a wide variety of formulas and can be used on a daily basis as an energy tonic

3. See Health Concerns Newsletter: Vol. 5 No. 2 From Chronic Fatigue Patient to Athlete (Guzman)


Supplement Facts

90 tablets, 650 mg, 30 day supply

Ingredients: Ganoderma (aka Rei Shi; Ling Zhi), Shiitake (aka Lentinin), Tremella (Bai Mu Er), Poria (Fu Ling), Polyporus (Zhu Ling)

Suggested Use: Internal: 1 to 3 tablets TID, taken between meals

Contraindications: May have a warming effect with some yin deficient patients. May induce loose stool or skin rash. If these conditions persist, reduce dosage or select a different formula

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