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The Greatest Medicine is Teaching People How Not to Need It.

It all starts with YOU…

You are not your symptoms…..You are so much bigger than that.

We believe that there is no limit to what is possible for you.

What are you holding back on in your life that you would GO FOR if you felt amazing every day?

What have you dreamed of but did not believe possible—because you felt your body wasn’t “on board” ?

We believe in Inspired living.

Inspired living = living with intention, purpose, meaning, and contribution (to family, community, the world).

Being vibrantly alive in your skin = joy.

Studies show that our health is the product of the genetics we were born with, under the influence of the environment they are exposed to over the course of our lives. Environment includes things like diet choices, exercise, emotional stress and trauma, the physical environment we live in, toxin exposure, infectious agents, relationships, connection to nature, and more. The way we live our lives, every day, makes-or-breaks our wellbeing.

While we can’t re-choose our genes—we do have choice about how we live our lives and what we put in (and on) our bodies—these things are in your power to change.

That’s empowering.

My goal is to help empower you to get healthy, and then stay healthy. I like to tell my clients that when I’ve done my job well, it keeps them out of my office!

Functional Medicine is participatory health care. The truth about Functional Medicine is that you determine the outcome. The value of the treatment is very little, if you just show up at the appointment and do nothing after—but the value is infinite if you take action.

Functional Medicine practiced well helps you get better, and then helps you stay better. By teaching you the tools that you need to take care of yourself, your life is a healthier one from that day forward, so that you can live your best life.

I frequently tell my clients that Functional Medicine is just like Chinese Medicine, in different clothing. Because of its association with acupuncture treatments, many people don’t know that Chinese medicine is actually based primarily in personalized nutrition and lifestyle practices that help people to live in harmony with their constitution, the seasons, and the phases of life in order to cultivate health. I realized early on, that I was more effective when I empowered someone with the tools to create health for themselves.

Practicing in this way, I had the amazing opportunity to really change and impact people’s lives, long-term, not just in the office Once they felt better, the energy and impact each of my patients had on the world, in their own unique way, rippled much farther out. Often, my patients share the tools and principles they have learned with their friends and families, creating a culture of health, even with people who I have never met.

The biggest reward for me is when my patient feels so much better that they shift their focus outward towards how they want to be of service in the world. Whether this is more time and more energy for their kids, starting a new business, or even starting a non-profit to help save the planet, I know that together, we are creating a better world in a bigger way than I ever could on my own.


Our Philosophy 

Patient-Centered Care

You are one-of-a-kind, with a unique biochemistry and we treat you that way. We approach each patients’ treatment differently based on accurate testing, evaluation of imbalances and your personal genetics. The same condition can manifest very differently in different people.

We treat you, not your diagnosis.

We want to hear your story

The clues in your history and your experiences contain valuable information that can give us as much or more insight as any lab result.

We believe health takes a village

We take a team approach, and are happy to collaborate with your other care providers.  I oversee your case, but you will have a functional medicine nutritionist to guide you as well. We meet as a team weekly to discuss each individual case, and work together to provide you with the most comprehensive care.

We love the detective work

Many of our favorite cases are the ones where a client comes to us after having seen many other practitioners.  We love to dive deep to search for what may have been overlooked or not yet been discovered.

Treating the Root and the Branch

Our work together is based on getting to  the root-cause, not just masking the symptoms you’re experiencing, but we want you to feel better as soon as possible! Our strategy is to help you find short term solutions to quickly resolve discomfort, while working towards long-term resolution of your health concerns.

We are committed, and you need to be too!

We form close relationships and care deeply about each person that is a member of our practice. We only work with clients who are ready to take responsibility for creating their health. This does not mean that you need to do everything perfectly, it simply means that you need to be ready to take the steps needed to heal, so that you can live the life you want to live.

What to Expect

This is what working with our clinic looks like:

Prospective Patient Interview

This free 20-minute phone consultations is held by our RN/Nutritionist Amelia Luker. During this brief call, we get to know a bit about your story and what you are seeking help with. In this way, we can ensure that we are a good fit to work together. You get answers to any questions that you may have about the practice and what it is like to work with us.

In Depth Health History Forms

This part of your care starts before we ever meet in person, but is a critical aspect of your treatment program. You’ll complete in-depth forms which Brie spends an average of 60 minutes reviewing in preparation for meeting you at your first appointment.

Comprehensive Case Review

This initial 1-hour consultation with Brie or one of her practitioners is a deep dive into your health history. You can meet by video consult, or in person at her Santa Cruz office. We get further details about your health, review past lab and treatment information, and determine which lab tests are necessary to get to the root-cause of your health concerns. We also implement first action steps with diet and lifestyle approaches, and possibly with personalized herb or supplement treatments, to help you get symptomatic relief.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

While waiting for your lab results, we encourage each client to meet with Amelia to form an individualized plan for diet, exercise, and self-care steps to help set you up for success.

Lab Result Review

When your lab results are received, we review them together and set a plan for action. Treatment is often multi-faceted and sequential, and may involve supplement protocols, bio-identical hormones, and diet and lifestyle recommendations. In addition to a comprehensive explanation of your lab results and what they tell us about your health, you’ll also receive a detailed health plan with supplement program tailored to your exact needs. You will also receive an estimated timeline for treatment.

Follow-Up Appointments As Needed

Your practitioners will create treatment plans for you, with protocols with a set beginning and end point. Periodically we will want to see you to assess improvement, make changes to a treatment plan, or move to the next step in treatment as your progress.

Graduation and Maintenance

Once part of our tribe, you are always part of the tribe. When you are feeling great, we welcome each client to schedule a free 15-minute check up with Brie annually, for general wellness consultation to support your life-long health. Of course, you can always schedule, should anything come up, but we like to hear from you when you’re doing great as well!

How to Become a Patient

Step One

Review the information on this page, as well as our FAQ page. This will give you a general idea of Brie’s approach and philosophies to see if we are a good fit. It will also answer many of the questions that you may have about working with us.

Step Two

Schedule your free 20-minute interview consult with Amelia to become a patient at my clinic.

Step Three

After your call with Amelia, you will be invited to schedule with Brie for your Comprehensive Case review.